Writing Samples

Intel has stopped supporting the Chips & Technologies flat-panel/CRT display chips, but copies of a few of them can be found right here:

65550 Datasheet

65554 Datasheet

65555 Datasheet

69000 Datasheet

I am surprised looking back at how different the writing is between Intel's old documentation and Silicon Magic's documentation only a year and a half later. I sure learned a lot in a hurry.

Silicon Magic has long since departed the graphics industry but I have the documentation as it existed the day I backed up the hard drive I was using.

SM3110 Technical Reference, the

SM3110 Product Bulletin, and the

SM3120 Engineering Specification

I have a crate of these SM3110 books in storage, as I am ridiculously proud of this particular work.

Other Works

When I got my first cellphone, it was a Windows CE device...which had no apps available. I had to write some:

Windows CE Spanish/English flashcard program,

Windows CE automated dictation program

I made some Android apps that weren't yet in existence (time has caught up with many of them):

Google Play Store

I made a little game in Unity3D that I liked, although it is basically a copy of the tutorial made for web deployment:

Space Oddity

Notes from various jobs

DK65555X Design Board Layout application note,

CX27201 Product Bulletin,

An Attractive Visio Drawing,